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Problems of Representative Democracy in Europe

Auteur Wiersma, Stetter & Schublach (Eds.)
ISBN 9789461643148
Verschijningsdatum 17-11-2014
Prijs € 19,90
Bindwijze Paperback

A Challenge for Progressives

Jan Marinus Wiersma, Ernst Stetter & Sebastian Schublach (Eds.)

There are growing concerns about the state of representative democracy in both Eastern and Western Europe. Whether it is the rise of populism, the increase of illiberal tendencies or the expression of outright antidemocratic sentiments, the number of threats is growing. This is all the more alarming since the origins of democracy can be found in our continent. The changes have an (negative) impact on the European integration process as such and on support for EU enlargement. The articles of this book, written by young progressive academics, offer a broad perspective on democratic shortcomings and potential solutions. They make clear that although the post communist countries have followed a different trajectory, their (disillusioned) electorates have much in common.


Jan Marinus Wiersma, Vice President, European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity (EFDS)
Dr. Ernst Stetter, Secretary General, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)
Sebastian Schublach, Head of Department for International Politics, Karl-Renner-Institut (RI)21
Dr. Vedran Džihić, senior researcher Austrian Institute for International Affairs, University of Vienna33
Dr. René Cuperus, senior researcher at the Wiardi Beckman Foundation
Dr. Bihter Somersan, Political Science and Public Administration, Beykent University, Istanbul
Dr. Theofanis Exadaktylos, lecturer in European Politics, University of Surrey
Marko Vujačić, PhD candidate at the University of Graz
Dr. Maja Nenadović, independent researcher
Tamás Boros, Director at Policy Solutions
Gordan Georgiev, University of Skopje
Denis Preshova, FEPS Young Academics Network
Corina Stratulat, policy analysts at European Policy Centre
Danijel Tadić, European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity, Foundation Max van der Stoel
Dr. Aleksandar Sekulović, Association of Anti-fascists of Serbia
Ben Taylor, FEPS Young Academics Network
Sergei Stanishev, President of the Party of European Socialists (PES)